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DBP – brand design studio is creative agency
We pay special attention to the development and promotion of brands. We look for the heart and benefits that are hidden in many cases and we upgrad them strategically, refine their visual and narrative in a way that increases the visibility, value and efficiency of businesses.

Revealing the essential to the eye
With an in-depth approach, we develop unique way for brands to address the public. By incorporating an emotional charge in the design, we build triggers creating instant purchases and anchor to loyal customers. Our purpose-built marketing tools are multi-layered and designed to create differentiation from competition on subconscious and emotional levels.

Telling stories
Developing the identity of the brand by creating it’s narrative and translating it in visual language helps companies, products, services and individuals to increase visibility, clearly communicate their advantages and achieve business plans.

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We have been working with DBP studio since 2014 and together we have developed the brand for Slorests chain of restaurants Restaurant 123. With their creative ideas and understanding of our needs, we have achieved the most essential part of our cooperation, the connecting brand idenitiy for all our Restaurants 123. The result of our good cooperation was certainly our latest successful project, creation of new brand Zarestaj, which is designed for the younger population and students. We are confident that together with the DBP studio we will write many more good stories.

Gregor Stipančevič,

“We work with DBP studio for years now and successfully carried out a large number of projects: a complete redesign of company brochure, redesign of products catalogue, visual upgrade of our shops and many more. We are happy to partner with them because they are professional and always honor the agreed deadlines. I would certainly recommend their services.

Marko Katic,
Mlin Katič

“BDP studio refreshed visual identity of our company and designed a brand-new company web page. They were professional and impressed us with their creative approach to projects.”

Karin Lušnic,

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