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Category: Branding

Circular Change

As a member of the international circular economy platform Circular Change, we participated in the development of the brand, designed their visual identity, provided marketing support for several of their international conferences, and prepared numerous communication materials for their effective and fresh communication.

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We designed an new narrative and communication strategy for the municipality of Veliko Lašče, which unites several providers of tourist services in a connected address with the aim of increasing the interest of domestic and foreign visitors in the wider area of Velikolaška.

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Črnomelj High School

We made an overhaul of Črnomelj High School visual identity, which now creatively connects three of their programs into a whole, which is youthful, dynamic and at the same time preserves the tradition of this educational institution. We also designed a new website for them and equipped the school’s communication materials with a new visual elements.

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We designed a new website for the internationally renowned manufacturer of automatic sliding doors, Doorson, which, despite the large amount of products and complex modularity, offers an excellent user experience and clear navigation to the desired destination.

1st prize winner in the “Global Digital Projects” category for BEST WEBSITE DESIGN.

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As part of the SmartMOVE project, which prepares strategies and implements plans for modern and sustainable mobility, we developed an integrated graphic image and designed communication materials for the client, the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR).

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123 Zero

The all-natural and sustainable cosmetics that 123Zero markets to hotels and other accommodation providers have, under our direction, received a new visual identity and website that clearly express their commitment to protecting nature without compromising on the quality of cosmetic products.

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