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Actual I.T. Group

We successfully resolved several challenging tasks for our client, the Actual IT Group. They turned to us because they needed a specialist in content marketing to help them define a clear identity for the group as a whole, and for each of its member companies / brands. We developed a system of key messages for the group’s flagship company and six business units, which is essential for clear identification of competitive advantages in the market. In doing so, we were able to combine what “seemingly couldn’t be combined” and at the same time make sure that each brand shined in its own area within the IT world. With a good understanding of their structure, solutions, market, and challenges, we developed an original UX and UI for their website. The challenge was to combine a large number of solutions and services offered by the group’s members while still preserving their individual brands’ identities in the digital world. We made sure they were well-equipped to compete in the market with key communications messages and a modern, dynamic, and effective website that allows them to stand out from the competition in the digital world.


Actual I.T.



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