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The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia has issued a report on the state of the environment in Slovenia. Numerous interconnected factors affect the state of the environment and human health. In Slovenia, they closely monitor the quality of water and air, forest conditions, waste management, land use changes, nature and biodiversity status, and the impacts of agriculture, transportation, energy, as well as noise on the environment and people. We have transformed important environmental messages into a creatively designed long-term online campaign on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Through this campaign, our aim was to draw attention to the changes that are occurring as part of activating each individual for a better tomorrow. The creative concept is based on slogans that we have written on cardboard panels and included as demonstrative elements in the external environment at various locations. We also reinforced the campaign with short video animations for Youtube that provided a more detailed presentation of each of the 12 topics on social media.


The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia



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