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LOTY food supplements cater specifically to women, addressing unique challenges such as menopause, PCOS, and hormone imbalance that have often been neglected in mainstream health discussions. LOTY aims to amplify the voices and empower women by offering natural formulas in their supplements, providing the means to take control rather than endure. This approach not only enhances the quality of life but also promotes equality. LOTY encourages women to embrace strength, independence, and preparedness for daily challenges while maintaining a gentle and feminine essence. It encourages women to appreciate and find beauty in the cycles and changes their bodies undergo, ultimately enabling them to become the muses of their own lives. The name LOTY is derived from the lotus flower, as well as the visual narrative that represents the divine, balanced, and flourishing individual. This imagery, coupled with a deep admiration for women’s aesthetics, serves as the foundation for the brand’s strong message of an empowered and feminine woman. The visual identity incorporates illustrations inspired by the works of artist Henry Matisse, reflecting a blend of gentle yet powerful feminine energy. To complement this, a color palette featuring natural, soft skin tones and pastels enhances the visual presentation of LOTY supplements. This visual identity speaks to women with a fresh, clean, and minimalistic voice, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to empowering women in healthcare—a mission that has been overlooked until now.





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