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Category: Digital Design

Value Chain Generator (VCG.AI) finds sustainable solutions for industrial processes and entire value chains, turning industrial residual materials into valuable resources.

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The Pamina Mental Health Clinic, which brings together professionals from the fields of psychotherapy and psychology, approached us with the wish to create a website that would appeal to their target group in a modern way and with a high degree of empathy at the same time. We created a completely new website and designed an original UX and UI. This allows to navigate quickly and clearly through a complex website.

We have also written a personal and warm welcome for everyone, inviting all those who are looking for help and are interested in psochotherapy to read it and get in touch with the clinic for the first time.

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Actual I.T. Group

We successfully resolved several challenging tasks for our client, the Actual IT Group. They turned to us because they needed a specialist in content marketing to help them define a clear identity for the group as a whole, and for each of its member companies / brands.

We developed a system of key messages for the group’s flagship company and six business units, which is essential for clear identification of competitive advantages in the market. In doing so, we were able to combine what “seemingly couldn’t be combined” and at the same time make sure that each brand shined in its own area within the IT world.

With a good understanding of their structure, solutions, market, and challenges, we developed an original UX and UI for their website. The challenge was to combine a large number of solutions and services offered by the group’s members while still preserving their individual brands’ identities in the digital world. We made sure they were well-equipped to compete in the market with key communications messages and a modern, dynamic, and effective website that allows them to stand out from the competition in the digital world.

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We designed a new website for the internationally renowned manufacturer of automatic sliding doors, Doorson, which, despite the large amount of products and complex modularity, offers an excellent user experience and clear navigation to the desired destination.

1st prize winner in the “Global Digital Projects” category for BEST WEBSITE DESIGN.

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DZS ensures that students come to school equipped with the latest and most attractive supplies. Building on tradition and experience, and with stores all over Slovenia, DZS has also combined these strengths with an efficiently revamped online store. We help boost sales with a creative design and execution of engaging online campaigns, making shopping a light-hearted experience for both kids and parents. This is supported by our slogan “With Ease” and a visually strong, recognizable dynamism. We assist in accelerating sales through PR efforts, brand-strengthening consultations, and digitally engaging and informing through platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Google.

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123 Zero

The all-natural and sustainable cosmetics that 123Zero markets to hotels and other accommodation providers have, under our direction, received a new visual identity and website that clearly express their commitment to protecting nature without compromising on the quality of cosmetic products.

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Actual IT

We developed a new website with advanced navigation for the Actual I.T. Group, which together with its wide range of integrated solutions in the IT field also connects the companies Unistar, Astec and Itelis. It guides users through a large number of solutions and products for B2B and B2C users.

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FLINT International

We designed a new website for Flint International, a global ICT services company, as they wanted to revamp their online appearance. We took care of the page architecture, prepared the content, optimized the UX and designed the UI.

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