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Slovenian government has started working with EIT Climate-KIC on the Deep Demonstration of a Circular, Regenerative and Low-Carbon Economy in Slovenia to develop pathways for a more radical transition to climate neutrality through a circular economy, using a systems innovation approach.

This partnership aims to catalyse rapid decarbonisation and drive climate action and resilience through circular economy approaches while having a prosperous society. The Deep Demonstration methodology was deliberately chosen due to the complexity associated with transforming whole systems (not only technical but also social systems) and at the pace, the transformation needs to happen. This pace stems from the fact that achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 requires rapid critical structural and exponential changes on multiple fronts simultaneously.

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The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia has issued a report on the state of the environment in Slovenia.

Numerous interconnected factors affect the state of the environment and human health. In Slovenia, they closely monitor the quality of water and air, forest conditions, waste management, land use changes, nature and biodiversity status, and the impacts of agriculture, transportation, energy, as well as noise on the environment and people.

We have transformed important environmental messages into a creatively designed long-term online campaign on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Through this campaign, our aim was to draw attention to the changes that are occurring as part of activating each individual for a better tomorrow.

The creative concept is based on slogans that we have written on cardboard panels and included as demonstrative elements in the external environment at various locations. We also reinforced the campaign with short video animations for Youtube that provided a more detailed presentation of each of the 12 topics on social media.

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The Pamina Mental Health Clinic, which brings together professionals from the fields of psychotherapy and psychology, approached us with the wish to create a website that would appeal to their target group in a modern way and with a high degree of empathy at the same time. We created a completely new website and designed an original UX and UI. This allows to navigate quickly and clearly through a complex website.

We have also written a personal and warm welcome for everyone, inviting all those who are looking for help and are interested in psochotherapy to read it and get in touch with the clinic for the first time.

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Actual I.T. Group

We successfully resolved several challenging tasks for our client, the Actual IT Group. They turned to us because they needed a specialist in content marketing to help them define a clear identity for the group as a whole, and for each of its member companies / brands.

We developed a system of key messages for the group’s flagship company and six business units, which is essential for clear identification of competitive advantages in the market. In doing so, we were able to combine what “seemingly couldn’t be combined” and at the same time make sure that each brand shined in its own area within the IT world.

With a good understanding of their structure, solutions, market, and challenges, we developed an original UX and UI for their website. The challenge was to combine a large number of solutions and services offered by the group’s members while still preserving their individual brands’ identities in the digital world. We made sure they were well-equipped to compete in the market with key communications messages and a modern, dynamic, and effective website that allows them to stand out from the competition in the digital world.

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For Petrol d.d. we designed communication materials that addressed the visitors of the Days of Energetics 2021 conference both at the event itself and on social media.

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We designed an new narrative and communication strategy for the municipality of Veliko Lašče, which unites several providers of tourist services in a connected address with the aim of increasing the interest of domestic and foreign visitors in the wider area of Velikolaška.

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Center for Business Training, a part of the Chamber of Commerce, has a long tradition in higher education programs and vocational training. As a friendly educational institution, they make special efforts with their students to facilitate their journey towards their professional goals.
We assisted them with a new identity and both online and offline advertising campaigns that amusingly showcase studying at the Center for Business Training. With the campaign for higher education, we playfully drew attention to those who take a long time to decide on their studies and are faced with the fear of enduring arduous and prolonged efforts to reach their goal. Animals known as the slowest in the animal kingdom were humorously portrayed as superheroes who, with the help of accelerators, soar higher and farther than expected. This witty concept addresses the idea that with the right educational partner, one can achieve more, and the Center for Business Training is here to help.

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We designed a new website for the internationally renowned manufacturer of automatic sliding doors, Doorson, which, despite the large amount of products and complex modularity, offers an excellent user experience and clear navigation to the desired destination.

1st prize winner in the “Global Digital Projects” category for BEST WEBSITE DESIGN.

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DZS ensures that students come to school equipped with the latest and most attractive supplies. Building on tradition and experience, and with stores all over Slovenia, DZS has also combined these strengths with an efficiently revamped online store. We help boost sales with a creative design and execution of engaging online campaigns, making shopping a light-hearted experience for both kids and parents. This is supported by our slogan “With Ease” and a visually strong, recognizable dynamism. We assist in accelerating sales through PR efforts, brand-strengthening consultations, and digitally engaging and informing through platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Google.

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As part of the SmartMOVE project, which prepares strategies and implements plans for modern and sustainable mobility, we developed an integrated graphic image and designed communication materials for the client, the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR).

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